Making Magic

Though I missed the Superbowl, I have come across many of the commercials that premiered that night and I have to say my favorite is an Old Spice commercial. It possesses all the qualities that we’ve come to expect from a Superbowl commercial. For one, it is hilarious, secondly, the production quality is great, and thirdly, it suits their viewing audience. Sure, to some, it may seem immature and random, but that is part of its magic.

At our full-service advertising agency, we are all about identifying and creating “Magic”. Whether we are building a search engine optimized website or commercial, we start with a consideration of the audience and build from there. As our clients run the gamut in terms of niches and industry, we’ve gotten quite good at this task. If our audience is the professional medical community, we tailor designs, content, and medical animation to best address their needs. If we are creating a brochure to advertise a product or service, we consider the demographic of the audience as well as their expectations. Most importantly, we strive to do what hasn’t been done before. From DDA’s exclusive innovations like Onlivemation and Interactive Integration to our adoption of the latest emerging technologies, we do all that we can to ensure our clients receive a result that contains that special something to best communicate to end users.