Marking Progress

It’s funny to observe the steps we take to mark our accomplishments. Last Thursday, the medical and corporate copywriters discussed our individual methods. For Laura, our lead creative copywriter, it’s highlighting an item once it has been written and then striking it through once it is approved. I mark all written items and then organize all hard copies depending upon its approval status. Andrew on the other hand, stays green by keeping a mental tally of completed works.

Why do we do this? To see the visual progression of a search engine optimized website, medical script, or eLearning program. As these projects often require a good-deal of technical copywriting, the task can seem overwhelming at first. But, as we check off each written page of copy, we can have visual validation of our progress.

For the past two weeks, I have been working on content for our new medical website and enjoy grabbing that highlighter at the end of each work-day to mark my progress and I find myself taking the same approach at home. Since we’ve started work on our house, it’s been difficult dealing with the overwhelming list of improvements. From insulating the house, repairing the roof, and rerouting a new floor plan to deciding what heating system to use and what bathroom fixtures to choose, it’s easy to crumble under the pressure. So, with each completed, task, we mark them off our long lists of ‘To Dos’ and feel a sense of accomplishment as the completed check-marks grow.