Masters of eLearning

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that eLearning was considered a small step up from a PowerPoint presentation. If you were lucky enough, perhaps the training simulation featured a narration or maybe even video. Fancy stuff, right? Not really. As a medical marketing and communications agency specializing in the development of interactive healthcare training tools, the aforementioned seems archaic.

As virtual simulation training aficionados, DDA produces high-end eLearning platforms that are the next best thing to hands-on training. Trainees will sharpen their skill sets and improve their comprehension with immersive virtual environments that simulate real-world situations. From operating expensive machinery to performing virtual medical simulations, nothing is beyond the capabilities of DDA Medical’s eLearning team. But the features don’t end there. Backing each eLearning platform is a powerful administrative system that tracks user progress, grants privileges to higher course material, and issues certification. So, if learning by PowerPoint is what you are accustomed to, alter your perception and check out the capabilities of a full-service provider of innovative interactive technologies–DDA Corporate and DDA Medical.