Mixing Lightness with Heaviness

Today we had a kick-off meeting for a prospective client. They are interested in creating a product video that at once describes a product line and its features in a manner that is non-clinical and appealing. All the technical aspects of their line that make them better than the rest must be brought across but in a way that is approachable and relateable to the viewing public. Otherwise, the viewer will simply click the video and just as quickly navigate away if the script is too dry and removed.

This presents a challenge to any creative or online copywriter. You want to present the facts and be thorough but it is very important to keep the audience engaged. Oftentimes, those dry and technical aspects can be presented without words, but imagery, allowing the copy to remain light and market driven while commanding images and graphics further deliver the message that make this product or service unique.

It is all about finding the right combination. The right words, the right message, the right tone, the right imagery. When combined the product video will be engaging yet informative in a manner that is not overwhelming or impersonal, but right for the company and its public.