mLearning in your Moment of Need

eLearning platforms that can be viewed on a mobile device does not  an mLearning experience make. To truly harness the power and advantages of mobile technology, developers need to move beyond the traditional notions of formal technology-based training.

No longer must an educational experience interrupt the everyday work flow. mLearning makes it possible for individuals to retrieve the information they need on-demand. Whether an employee is presented with a unique client complication or is struggling with device operation, questions can be answered shortly after they occur. As a result, the value and usefulness of technology-based training is greatly increased, making it well worth the expense.

When is mLearning Appropriate?

As with every new incarnation of technology, it can be a struggle to identify appropriate and meaningful applications. The following outlines some useful integration of mLearning tactics: 

  1. mLearning as a complement to formal, in-person lectures and training: Imagine how much more engaging a lecture would be with the addition of mobile simulations, surveys, quizzes, video, and media. mLearning makes it possible for audiences to engage in a number of activities that enrich the overall learning experience.
  2. mLearning as a knowledge resource: After an individual’s formal training has come to a close, additional support is still needed. mLearning provides an instantaneous and constant source to a knowledge bank, where answers can be found at the exact moment of need.
  3. mLearning as a mechanism of change: Policies and processes are hardly static. They evolve on a regular basis and employees are left with the oftentimes arduous task of mastering the changes on short notice. mLearning can provide the additional support needed to ensure a smooth and self-guided transition.
  4. mLearning to troubleshoot: At the moment an unforeseen error or problem occurs, mLearning can help individual’s arrive at the solution on the spot and without the assistance of external staff support.

It is time to transition from traditional force-fed training to on-demand platforms where the user has access to the information they need, when and where they need it the most—within their working environment.

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