Mobile Application Fever

At the moment I am taking a brief search engine optimized copywriting break to write this blog. Once this entry is finished, next on my list is content development on interactive mobile applications and strangely enough, last night I could be found spending a large portion of the evening engrossed in one.

As an owner of an iTouch, I sometimes check out the Apps Store to see what games I can download for free. I uncovered one entitled, ‘Free me’. It is one of those puzzle games where the objective is to maneuver the pieces to free a designated block. It turned out to be quite addicting and before I knew it, Heath and I spent a good two hours passing the iTouch back and forth from game to game. It is for this reason business owners and organizations should consider investing in the development of mobile applications.  Today’s audience loves these custom programmed chunks of code and I am breathing proof of that.

As DDA Interactive is a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we know what it takes to build successful mobile applications. With a staff of degreed custom programmers, web designers, animators, and videographers, you can be sure of an application that will entertain for hours and be used time and again.