Mobile Conscience

Our staff is in the process of revamping a website for one of our long-time clients and part of this process involves a mobile friendly approach. Like many, this client is rightly concerned about their mobile audience. As a retailer and designer of fine jewelery, this client recognizes that it is not enough to present a strong web presence, but they also are looking to secure a successful mobile and social networking presence as well–a task DDA has eagerly taken on.  So, what is the approach?

  •  First, for new elements, avoid Flash. Visit any jeweler’s website and more likely than not, the home page features a Flash slide show of designer’s and promotions. View it on an iPhone or iPad, and all you see is empty space. Using alternative Apple-approved technologies, DDA achieves the same attention-grabbing outcome, but in a platform that is cross-compatible.
  • Browser Detection: Why reinvent the wheel when a site elements works? Using browser detection technology, DDA sends an alternative mobile friendly platform to users accessing the site through portable devices such as an iPhone. For the rest, the same great platform is seen on their desktop or laptop.
  • Video: Using HTML5, videos of products are broadcast to mobile users regardless of location.
  • Navigation: Sure, rollover menus and features are a nice addition to any website but add in touch navigation and usability has just gone out the window. For this reason, website design and menu construction must be looked at from a fresh perspective for a user experience that is enjoyable regardless of device and regardless of platform.

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