My Eyelids Need Supports

Maybe it’s the adjustment of time from Pacific to Eastern, or maybe it’s the free trial of Showtime, but I’ve been finding myself wired at night. Instead of falling into my comfy bed and slipping into a deep and rejuvenating sleep, I find myself surfing the television until 2 or so in the morning. Eventually the sandman will find my address and I’ll finally fall to sleep, but I’m starting to feel the repercussions of a week’s worth of 3-hour sleep patterns.

This morning my clock howled at its usual 5:30 am assignment. I reluctantly stumbled out of bed and reset it for 6:30. My normal daily routine would have to be sacrificed as I needed the extra hour. All to soon the familiar blast of my alarm clock interrupted a happy dream of a missed loved one and I quickly turned it off with hopes of slipping back into my dream to enjoy it for just a few more minutes. Unfortunately, the few minutes turned into 45 and I awoke in a panic with only 10 minutes to get out the door. To my surprise I left the house on time, though my hair has seen better days and my appearance is quite frumpy.

Needless to say, one of the first tasks today was a trip to our Mr. Coffee machine. It did the trick and within 20 minutes my eyes felt less heavy and I was able to concentrate on email correspondences and the proofing of search engine optimized pages of copy. Next on my list is the development of a script for a medical training CD-ROM, but before a delve into the writing process, another jolt of caffeine is needed.

So over to Mr. Coffee I go. There is a long list of tasks which include creative and online copywriting, scriptwriting, and project coordination which can not take a back-seat to sleepiness. Thank you caffeine!