New Technology= New Needs

As I have mentioned in several blogs past, my fiance and I have purchased a house that we are currently in the process of renovating. The long awaited move-in date for once seems obtainable as the kitchen and bathroom are nearing completion. In celebration, Heath and I bought an LCD TV to hang in our living room. Now, the house isn’t ready for it as of yet, so for now, the TV has made a home in Heath’s apartment. I saw it for this first time this weekend and I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed.

After hearing Heath hype up its specs and reviews, I was expecting an impeccable picture but due to the fact that his apartment does not have HD hook up, the stunning result I was anticipating fell short of my high expectation. Along with any new technology or equipment, comes the need to upgrade services or purchase accessories to ensure you receive the best user experience. A parallel can be drawn between the aforementioned and the iPhone/iPad. With the prominence of these mobile devices, business owners, organizations, and other maintainers of interactive websites are faced with the decision to match the new technologies or present a degraded user experience. Like the phasing out of traditional tube televisions, how viewers access and view the web is changing and leaving in its wake, a scramble for mobile website conversion.

AppleSavvy, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising is here to help. With a staff of degreed programmers, graphic artists, and video technicians, our specialty rests in website conversion and development service to ensure your site is iPhone/iPad friendly. From converting Flash presentations into equally engaging Apple-compatible platforms to generating interactive applications for use on Apple portable device and other Smartphones, we are the source for innovative mobile technologies. Contact AppleSavvy today to learn more or click on the links below for additional information on our vast capabilities:

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