No complaints here

Last night while sitting at the dinner table with my family, I briefly regressed to the emotional maturity of a teenager. For what seemed like the thousandth time, my younger brother complained that I ate his birthday muffin. In defense, I calmly explained that there was no note on the muffin labeling it as his, therefore it was not my fault that I consumed his treasured sweet. He then continued to list a slew of grievances. From taking his gum to monopolizing the TV, Adam had many a reason in justifying my shortcomings as a sister. Not to be outdone, I then rattled off my complaints. The argument ended with my father throwing a wet sponge at our heads. No matter how old I get, I foresee the continued presence of these petty arguments. It’s what brothers and sisters do. Regardless of how mature we’d like to consider ourselves, sibling rivalry will always rear its ugly head. While scowling at my brother and drying off the watery after-effects of the airborne sponge, I recognized the parallel–though a small– between sibling relationships and business relationships. When you are providing a service, clients rightly expect quality results and when it is not delivered, are quick to identify your shortcomings. But at our full-service advertising agency, these complaints are few and far between as the custom programmers, graphic designers, and professional copywriters strive for perfection in all that we do.

Before any project is released to a client for review and approval, it goes through rigorous rounds of proofing. If a problem is found, we are always quick to react, leaving our clients with nothing negative to say. Take the proofing that is currently taking place with our soon to be launched medical website. All of the creative copywriters are proofing one of the five sections and passing our findings on to the development team. As we CC all involved parties, it is interesting to discover what people uncover. Laura, our lead copywriter, being the logical-minded person that she is, found a back-end shortcoming that all overlooked. Steve with his background in newspaper editing, highlighted a few grammatical mistakes and Andrew and myself pointed out some usability issues. If only one individual was to proof the site, many of these items would not have been identified and that is why we are in the practice of analyzing any project, be it a search engine optimized website, eLearning program, or medical video with multiple sets of  eyes and view-points.

So, if a commitment to excellence is what you desire at a price that won’t drain your resources, contact DDA today.

Now, if only I could adopt the same mentality with my brothers there would be a lot less sponge throwing.