No slow lanes on this digital highway

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, my faithful car, Dolores, is no more as a result of windshield wiper fluid,  sun glare, and a bad decision. So today when I woke up only to find a dusting of snow covering the roads, you can bet I was hesitant heading out to work this morning. As I am driving a rental car and am unfamiliar with its handling, I put-putted my way to work at a slow but safe speed of 30 miles/per hour. I’ve even become so timid as to wait to turn right on reds much to the dismay of the drivers behind me. What can I say, I got a little freaked out and hopefully my new driving habits will keep me safe this coming 2010.

This however, is not an approach we can take here at DDA Corp and DDA Medical.  In fact, when I interviewed here, Elizabeth mentioned jumping into the deep-end with both feet. Her reference holds true today as we continuously witness the level of sophistication and interactivity rise with each project we undertake. That’s what’s cool about DDA. We never settle or follow, but lead.

You can lead too with the help of our full-service advertising agency. From interactive websites to highly immersive virtual eLearning medical training environments, our aim is to make any platform–be it a medical program or promotional website–ooze with  engaging features.