Not Perfect but Close

It is a harsh reality that despite careful planning, mistakes happen. Last night during the prime time airing of the winter Olympic games, we saw an example of this with the women’s Super G event. Julia Mancuso, the favored skier, caught a bad break when she was flagged off the course after her teammate was struggling to free herself from a fence. As a result, her record-breaking run was cut short and a do-over required. Because of the less than favorable weather conditions and the exertion of energy she already expended during her first run, Mancuso’s second performance was a disappointing one landing her far below the leader board. Even with the rules set in place and the careful planning that went into the Olympic games, occurrences like this happen and the only course of action acceptable when they occur is to accept the reality and move forward.

This is something everyone must learn to do, including the staff here at our full-service advertising agency. Take for instance the live webcast DDA facilitated last night in Denver, Colorado. At 10 pm sharp, the webcast began and a few seconds in, a malfunction with the camera resulted in a momentary loss of audio. Because Laurence and I were overseeing the webinar remotely and communicating directly with our on-location video staff, we were able to inform our team of the error the moment it happened. Because of this, the audio was almost immediately restored, resulting in a final presentation that we can proudly label as a success.  Though we would prefer to be, perfection is not always attainable but with the help of our DDA programming, video, design, and support staff, we get close to this lofty aspiration.