Oh Shark Week, how I love thee

I am a major shark enthusiast! I’m not sure if its the pure fear they instill in me or their impressive characteristics that make them the ultimate predator of the sea, but every year I find it hard to peel myself away from the Discovery Channel during this much awaited week of shark-filled television.

One special relayed the tale of the 1916 attacks that inspired the mass hit, Jaws. Though the story was undoubtedly interesting, I found myself wandering away as a result of the poor video work and laughable reenactments.  My first gripe lied with the animatronic shark. Its head looked like a Great White whereas its tale looked like a Tiger Shark. Needless to say I was a bit confused. The script also left much to be desired. Overall a good story was muddled with unnecessary reenactments, over-dramatic acting, and poor scriptwriting. I’d like to think that if DDA had their hand in the production, the outcome would have been much different and the show, better received.

At our full-service advertising agency where we handle marketing and advertising requests that run the gamut of digital technology, we strive for credibility in all that we do. From the creative copywriters’ effort to scriptwriting to the video teams dedication to expert story-boarding and footage capture, we work hard to make you, our client, look good. In fact, our video, programming, and design team can be found productively forging ahead with a fast-approaching social networking platform deadline that looks to hold much promise. Though the time line was shorter than we typically recommend, we are pushing every resource to meet the short deadline. In DDA’s 14 plus years of service, we’ve never missed a deadline and that’s because we are not a believer in spouting off statements our clients want to hear rather than what they need to hear. If you give us a project, you can expect to receive an honest estimate of deliverables and that’s not to say we won’t push to meet your needs, but we won’t promise something we know can’t be achieved.