Olympic Fever

It has been an exciting week packed-full of late-night Olympic watching. Take a quick look at the groggy-eyed employees shuffling into work every morning and it’s easy to realize most  DDAers have been glued to their televisions. It’s addicting! We can’t stop. It is simply impossible to go to bed without knowing if Michael Phelps has won yet another gold medal or rest peacefully unless we’ve discovered whether or not the gymnastic team has made it through the events without a fall. I think it is safe to say that we will all be a  bit sad when the games come to a close, but at least we will be well rested.

For me, the end of the Olympics will also mean I am safer from myself. You see, I would not call myself coordinated by any means. In fact, it is a miracle if I make it through the day without knocking something over or falling over myself, but I get inspired by the games. I watch the gymnasts fly through the air and I think to myself, “maybe I could do that,” well I can’t.  I see the Olympic divers gracefully flip with ease and I look at the Hatboro Pool’s diving board in a new light. But alas, what usually ends up happening is a pulled muscle and an embarrassing belly flop in front of the town pool goers. No, I am certainly not an athlete. But after a few Olympic conversations over lunch, I’ve come to realize some of the members of the DDA team are much more coordinated than myself.

Who knew our in-house graphic designers, Melissa and Judy were once gymnasts in their youth? It is apparent that the staff’s talent extends far beyond the computer programming, website development, and search engine optimization we’re known for. I guess there is a little Olympian in us all, even if we lack the coordination- we can still dream, can’t we?