On with Productivity

It’s Monday and as usual, time is forging ahead quicker than I’d like it to. This is the case for all DDAers. After a relaxing three-day weekend, the graphic designers, creative and online copywriters, video technicians, and admin and database programmers power on their computers and set out to answer any questions and resolve any issues that arose over the weekend. After that, it’s time to delve into the week’s agenda.

My workload has increased greatly since September. It seems businesses have all recovered from their summer mentality and it’s back to the grind, which means heftier task lists for the DDA team.

This week I plan to write copy for two custom websites that are in the makes. Writing three different scripts that range in topic from corporate to medical, and provide content management for two sites. There is also project coordination and a quote I need to take care of, so it is off to work and on with productivity.