Painting a Clear Picture

I am three books in to a series of seven books about a time-traveling couple set in 18th century Scotland. The books are quite addicting and I find myself lost in their pages many a weekend. Though the books are hard to put  down, they are by no means a fast read with each book averaging 700 plus pages. What I am finding is that the stories are tightly woven together. What was mentioned in the first story has great relevance in the third and so on, but luckily for me, the author does a great job recapping the past events in case the reader’s memory may be like mine and find it a challenge to recall the many plot points that were laid out some 1000 pages ago.

This approach is similar to DDA’s website development philosophy. Our goal when making a corporate or medical website is to make every page a home page. Because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web surfers rarely land on your site from the home page and as such, it is crucial that the interior pages hold just as much pizazz as the home page. From flash video and animation to eye-catching design elements, DDA and its talented staff strive to generate the best possible web-viewing experience by creating sites that are sticky and encourage the viewer to stay, browse through the pages, and learn about the company’s products, services, and philosophy.

Like the author does in the current series I am reading, we give the website viewer a quick snap shot of the site’s elements. The last thing we want is viewers to become frustrated and leave the site because they cannot find what they need. Therefore, we create intuitive menu structures, clean designs, and well-crafted copy that when combined together, generate what our team and our clients desire–a successful website.

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