Party Hats & Bulldogs

Lunch Box

Take one look at my desk and you’ll soon realize I am a dog enthusiast. Especially for well-fed dogs with wrinkly faces. So when Andrew, a fellow Project Coordinator and creative and online copywriter informed me that an English Bulldog would be arriving at our office today for a photo shoot, my voice reached an almost undetectable pitch of excitement and I muttered incomprehensible squealing. For you see, an English Bulldog and Pug are my dream pets. I even have a Pug calendar adorned on my cork board. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I am one of those crazy people that will run across a busy street and risk personal injury in order to greet a cute dog.

So when Elizabeth informed me that Lunch Box the bulldog had arrived for his closeup this morning, I quickly raced downstairs to peek into the studio. Adorable!

This is why DDA is such a fun place to work. As a full-service advertising agency with extreme capabilities that range from website development to custom corporate and medical videos, you never know what to expect from day-to-day. One week you may have ridiculously adorable dogs flaunting part hats, the next, professional actors executing market-focused scripts–the variety is vast and welcomed.

Not only are the visitors diverse, but the projects are as well. As a professional copywriter, this is the aspect of my job I embrace the most. Within the year I have worked here, brochure copywriting, video script development, search engine optimized writing, and more can all be added to my repertoire.