People Watching

I must say one of my favorite activities is people watching. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I recently took a vacation to California and during the down-town between flights, I opted to people-watch. We all have our quirks, so taking a few moments to observe one another can be quite entertaining.

One woman made a smacking noise after every sip of a drink, another man closed every sentence with the word “right?”. An older gentleman across from me seemed to think the only way the recipient on the other end of his cell phone could hear him was through yelling. What could have been a long two-hour wait passed quickly by doing nothing more than observing.

Maybe it’s the writer in me, but I oftentimes find myself partaking in this activity. Discovering how people approach everyday tasks interests me. Through reading each other’s blogs and watching my fellow coworkers, I’ve discovered we all have our different approaches to accomplishing assignments.

Me, I hum incessantly and make lists. I also like to talk out-loud, much to the chagrin of my fellow copywriters.

Toni, she utilizes a plethora of post-it notes. Take a quick glance at her desk and you’ll find a forest of neon paper pieces strewn about. She’s also a walker, so you’ll see her zipping about throughout the day.
Andrew and Laura, they are the quiet ones who diligently forge ahead with barely a peep.

Steve, he is new to the team so I’ve not yet learned his working habits but I’m sure they will surface shortly.

All the graphic designers, admin and database programmers, corporate and medical video and SEO specialists have their quirks and approaches to completing tasks. So, if you find the time, people-watch, it’s fun and I promise you, you’ll most likely learn something too.