Performance Guarantee

Have you ever purchased a product and become disenchanted with an entire brand due to a bad experience? I know I have. I once bought a television only to take it home, hook it up, and discover it did not work. After lugging it back to the electronic store to exchange it for a new one, I quickly found myself dealing with the manufacture 90 days later when the picture tube went out. Apparently parts were covered under a one year warranty, but not labor. If I wanted the TV fixed, I’d have to pay for it. Needless to say, I now steer clear of that particular brand.

The same can happen with the launch of a website. You don’t want to turn off users with a bad first experience, that is why proofing a website’s functionality is so vital to any production process. Email forms must be checked, links verified, carts tested and re-tested, and spelling confirmed. At DDA, we take great measures to ensure the websites we design and develop perform as promised. Creative copywriters check search engine optimized copy for grammatical accuracy, flash animators test their work on multiple browsers to ensure overall performance, programmers tweak code to achieve fast ordering processes and functionality. You can’t afford to lose someone due to a silly mistake so we take every effort to ensure they are eradicated. Sure, a few glitches may slip through here and there, but we quickly address any and all problems. It’s the DDA way.