Time Management

Today is one of those days when you find yourself grasping for every minute. One moment you glance at the clock and it’s 9am, the next it’s 3pm and your left pondering where did the time go? These days happen more often than not here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. As a full-service advertising agency that handles all things digital, a single staffer may be juggling multiple projects, client correspondences, and a plethora of other tasks at a single time. To an outside observer, the magnitude of work may seem overwhelming, but to a DDA staffer, the careful balance of projects and the workload comes second nature.

Effective organization is key. Each day we compile our Daily Task list, ensuring no projects have fallen to the way-side and all client concerns have been resolved. To further ensure productivity and thoroughness, a Project Coordinator oversees each project.  With this system of checks and balances we do our best to carry out every project in a timely an efficient manner. 

The programmers, graphic designers, creative and online copywriters, videogrpahers, and Project Coordinators are extremely time conscious. In fact, we track every minute of every day with our very own programming application. This way clients know how time was spent and where it was spent. When you are dealing with tight deadlines and budgets, efficiency is paramount and we continually work to improve our already streamlined production process.