Pioneer Advertising Agency? Yes, we are.

Last night I was assigned the role of cook. By no means would I classify myself as a confident chef. I don’t have a clue what spices taste well together, I struggle with timing, and after I’m finished, the mess I’ve made of our kitchen is something to behold. Now I do feel confident with a few dishes but they are quickly loosing their appeal as they resurface every week. So last night I tried something different, steak.

I pulled out my Mom’s orange Betty Crocker cookbook–circa 1970–and read about the staples of steak cooking. Apparently it is a major no no to season a steak prior to browning it as the salt pulls the moisture out of the meat, making it dry and chewy. I set my broiler, made some mashed potatoes, broccoli, and onion topping and began cooking. To my surprise–and the surprise of my family– the steak turned out pretty good. A bit bland, but tender. Thanks Betty Crocker!

The point of this blog is not how to properly broil a steak, but how to stray from what is comfortable. As an advertising copywriter who is asked to generate material for a variety of applications, maintaining this mentality is key. Whether the task is for corporate or commercial scriptwritingcatalog or brochure copywriting, or seo copywriting, the subject matter is always diverse and the tone forever changing. I can’t stick to what I know. If I did, I would not achieve what is being asked of me and I would have failed at my job. I, as well as the rest of the creative copywriting team, must push themselves to morph with the project at hand.

If the graphic design artists, database and admin programmersvideographers, and animation artists all stayed within their proverbial comfort bubble, Dynamic Digital Advertising would not be the pioneer advertising agency we are today. We push to explore the unknown, we delve into all mediums, and we succeed.