Plan long, Plan Hard

It was a wedding themed weekend! Saturday morning a good friend of mine held her wedding shower and later that day, my Aunt tied the knot. Both events ran smoothly and were very enjoyable. A testament to the importance of planning. Games were well-thought out, order of events established and menus prepared. As a guest, I had the luxury of enjoying the fruits of my Aunt’s and friend’s labor, but their efforts did not go unnoticed. As a project coordinator that orchestrates a variety of tasks ranging from corporate and medical videos to fully search engine optimized websites, I now have a greater appreciation for the work that goes behind an event.

Like the success of a wedding or shower is dependent upon the planning, so to is the success of any project we handle here at DDA. You can’t expect to forge ahead in the dark and come out unbruised and unscathed. You’ll bump into roadblocks and unforeseen obstructions. You need a plan and a good one at that, to reach the end result you’ve envisioned.

Luckily, the creative copywriters, programmers, videographers and designers are pros at planning. Before any work progresses, wireframes are established, kick-off meetings held, content plans generated and so on to lay the solid foundations to guarantee robust marketing systems.