Playing Make Believe

It has been said by many a creative and online copywriter, that in order to consistently deliver results that please, you must be a chameleon of sorts. We all have our comfort area and signature voice that defines who we are as a writer, but in most cases, we must break away from this to conform to the project at hand. And today was an excellent exercise in color-changing.

We are developing a new website for a client of ours that is launching a new product. Now, I would consider myself a bit prudish, but prudish I can not be when tackling the content for this site. My tone needs to be relaxed, approachable, and witty. It took a few tries and eventually I broke through my uptight nature.

How? Simple, I pretended to be someone else. I find if I am struggling to find the correct words for a custom brochure or corporate or medical video script, I transform myself into who I envision is the speaker. If I am writing medical copy, I  imagine myself as a doctor. If I am writing copy on diamond jewelry, I transform myself into a jewelry enthusiast (well, there is no transformation needed there!).

I wonder who I’ll be tomorrow. A roofing contractor? A teenage boy? Who knows, but it is sure to be an experience.