Proof to Perfect

As a creative copywriter and project coordinator, the responsibility of proofing custom programming, corporate and medical video presentations, and technology-based training tools falls on our shoulders and a heavy load it is. Why? Because DDA specializes in the creation of complex applications, websites, and interactive tools that possess immense capabilities. Our job is to find the glitches and reveal the errors because no project no matter how big or small, leaves our full-service advertising agency without our stamp of approval. It’s called quality assurance and it is a pivotal process in the development of every project.

Today I’ve been proofing a medical training CD-ROM that instructs users on the proper operation of a medical device. There are several slides, voice-over narrations, pseudo animations, and two navigation systems to test. Although I’ve found a few minor problems here and there, for the most part the presentation is solid–a testament to the hard work put forth by the video department. As the presentation runs a total of twenty minutes, testing and re-testing functionality can take some time, but it is time well-spent. We would never want to finalize a project only to find an unaddressed error. It’s just not the DDA way.

Quality…it is at the core of our foundation and is our goal for every project we undertake.