Pushing the Boundries

Building complex websites that are at once user friendly and innovative can be a challenging task. Companies want a website that present thier products and services in a unique way that demands the attentions’ of users and catapults their business above the competitions’. I have found through my experience as a Project Coordinator, the DDA team is well versed in achieving just this—a  new and exciting way to build not only websites, but corporate and medical videos, brochures, Corporate and Medical Training programs, and more.

DDA seems to excel at pushing the boundaries of the norm to achieve new and groundbreaking methodologies of video production, database programming, and graphic design. Just look at our website as an example. Several technologies are combined to make an experience like no other. Custom videos interact with site navigation, live actors are integrated into well-crafted 2d animations, and custom programming enable exciting functionality. Though the experience is one that is new to many, the DDA team never loses site of ease of use and functionality.

A project I am currently overseeing is an excellent example of our team’s expertise in pushing the boundaries while achieving an intuitive and easy to use website. Video elements, custom database and admin programming, and innovative designs meld together to create a site that can only be defined as groundbreaking, however the core philosophy centers on the users’ ability to navigate and utilize the site with ease.