Pushing to Please

Yesterday marked the start of Philadelphia’s Restaurant Week. For $35, patrons can experience a three-course meal at any one of the participating establishments. My fiance and I checked out Alma de Cuba, a restaurant specializing in Cuban-American cuisine. From the moment we walked through the doors, I knew the experience was going to be an enjoyable one. The decor was fantastic, the service impeccable, and most importantly, the food great. Not only did I enjoy my meal, but  an important reality was reinforced: To truly succeed and blow your competition out of the water, you must push to exceed every expectation.

My enjoyment was not dependent on one aspect of my dining experience, but the whole. If the food was excellent and the service lacking, my opinion of the establishment would justly go down. The same can be said for our full-service advertising agency. Though the caliber of work we produce is of paramount concern, the way we handle our clients is of equal importance.

The creative and online copywriters, graphic designers, video technicians, and admin and database programmers all strive to excel at the work at hand, but at the same time fulfill a high standard of customer service. Deadlines are met, emails answered, problems resolved, and questions addressed. We push to exceed expectations.  We hope that our clients will not only be happy with the corporate or medical videos, training programs, custom website designs, and brochures we create for them, but also be  satisfied with the level of service. I guess that’s why we classify ourselves as a “full-service agency” because with DDA, we push to please.