Putting in our two cents

This weekend I attended my nephew’s first birthday party and I don’t think I have been in the presence of so many little ones within such a tight space. With the room packed full of under three year-olds, the evening was quite unique and enjoyable to say the least. One of the funnier moments occurred when Sadie, my niece, took it upon herself to liberate the balloons. She had just watched the movie Up the day before and I guess she became inspired. However, the same positive reaction could not be said for the other children as they longingly watched the balloons drift out of reach. When watching a room full of children, it is interesting to observe their unfiltered reactions. Unlike adults, young children are not impacted by the boundaries adults are. They are not concerned with political correctness, rules, or feelings. They just are, and I have to say, it can be refreshing to watch as well as entertaining. No, Sadie did not consider the feelings of the other playmates when she corralled the Curious George mylar balloons and released them into the night sky. She was fulfilling a need and seemed to take little notice of the pouting faces and tears. In fact, she seemed quite proud of herself and her accomplishment.

At our full-service digital advertising agency, we too have to hold feelings aside when working on a corporate or medical project for one of our valued clients. We hold usability and quality assurance above all else and will do whatever is necessary to ensure this outcome. Yes, it does mean pushing back at times if a client’s vision is not perhaps the best approach. Our staff of degreed and professional artists, videographers, custom programmers, SEO specialists, and creative copywriters have years of experience backing our decisions and we are not afraid to voice our concerns or suggestions when it is needed. Our goal is to generate the best possible medical eLearning tool, corporate website, spokesperson video, or interactive presentation to yield that highest return on our client’s investment and we do that by carefully listening to our clients needs and injecting our own knowledge and expertise. Don’t worry, we will never take your ideas and release them like the mylar balloons. Instead, we will work with you to mold and shape your ideas for a final result that far exceeds expectations.