Quality Assurance

For today’s blog, Andrew, one of DDA’s project coordinators and professional creative copywriters wrote about the woes of compatibility when developing any web-based project. With so many browsers out there and on top of this, so many browser versions, what may look perfect on one, may look misaligned and distorted on another. What’s more, functionality can be impacted as well as appearance. As a project coordinator here at our full-service advertising agency, one of our responsibilities is to test a project–whether it be a medical simulation, technology-based eLearning tool, or search engine optimized website–for quality assurance and a huge component of this is testing the project on multiple browsers. From IE 7 and 8 to FireFox, Safari, and Chrome, we want to ensure the user experience is the best it can be regardless of what browser someone may be using.  Every now and then, a browser incompatibility may slip by unnoticed, because after all, you can’t check every possibility out there, but you can rest easy knowing we will be quick to respond should an issue should arise.