Quality Makes the Difference

This past weekend I went on a bike excursion with my dad, brother, and fiance.  So, with the bike-rack loaded to its limit, we started out early to avoid the oppressive heat. At the beginning of our trip, I took the lead but soon was passed by my 50-something father as I struggled up the first hill. Determined not to be outdone, I switched my gears to an easier setting but to no avail. As I struggled to pump my way up the incline, I was passed by a couple on foot. Slightly embarrassed and very red-faced, I accepted the fact that I am out of shape. But my slow performance wasn’t caused just by my poor stamina. My bike, a $90 dollar Shwinn, just doesn’t compare to my dad’s high-performance Fuji. Not wanting to leave me in his dust, he kindly slowed his pace so we could all stay together. I continued to pedal fiercely where as he glided smoothly along with barely a rotation of his feet. So, in this instance, I see I got what I paid for. Yes, my bike is cute with its sleek blue paint and retro frame, but when it comes to efficiency, it simple sucks. It’s far too heavy and the wide handle bars make it nearly impossible to stand when going uphill. So, if I want to keep up with my dad, I guess it’s time for a new investment.

At DDA, we never offer sub-standard services. Yes, companies can find website developers that will deliver attractive designs, but like my bike, lack the nuts and bolts that make it a success. At DDA, we build solid website’s that possess search-engine friendly platforms for optimal performance. Backed by extensive keyword research, search engine optimized content development, and proven SEO techniques, clients of DDA rise to the first pages of Google. Plus, we specialize in innovative design approaches and interactive media to make stellar destinations that encourage visitors to stay and explore. Today, I am conducting keyword research for our new medical website. With a menu already established, I am now looking into user search patterns to discover common terms to be used during content development. This site when launched will possess all of DDA’s trademark innovations like integrated video, flash animations, and synchronous media to make it an experience unlike anything that has been seen before but with the solid foundation that will ensure our services are found by our target audience.