Rain or Shine

Normally I dislike wearing heels as I am not known for my grace but today I am thankful for them as they lifted me above the pooling puddles and kept the cuff of my pants, for the most part, dry. Today is one of those days where the uninviting gray of the sky and soaking wet weather conditions makes it so much harder to get out of the bed in the morning, but the staff of DDA overcame the allure of the bed and braved the flood waters to make our way into work this morning. There are interactive websites, eCommerce destinations, eLearning programs, and corporate and medical video presentations awaiting our staff’s attention and weather cannot stop the motivation of our dedicated staff. So, now that we are all inside, safe warm,  and drying off,  work continues on. Today I plan on writing search engine optimized content for a window manufacturer. While their site is already several hundred pages long, our staff of creative copywriters continues to add to the collection of pages to ensure the site continues to rank well for highly competitive terms. It is a recommendation we advertise to all of our clients looking to cement their sites on the first pages of major search engines like Google. To secure this coveted position takes work and we are just the interactive marketing advertising agency to tackle the challenge.