Redefining Websites

Last week, Laura wrote a blog entitled “Involvement is the Key to Efficiency.” In it she stressed the danger a stalled project can present. If you allow yourself to get tied up in the little things, another company may release a website, video, or eLearning program that is similar to your own. Your once innovative idea has now become a copy-cat and your ‘wow’ factor diminished.

In today’s technological environment where website,  video,  and eLearning  developers are vying to secure the next big idea, staying on top of the latest technologies and continually striving for innovation is a must if you are to remain relevant. Take DDA for example. In a period of two years, our websites have evolved and transformed. In fact, the entire DDA team is working to reinvent our Medical website. And when I say reinvent, I am not just referring to the structure and design of the site, I am referring to the concept of websites altogether.

With interactive video, copy, and corresponding samples assaulting the viewer, the experience is unlike any website out there. So like the driven developers that we are, the entire DDA team is pushing to get this site up and running as quickly as possible. Why? Because as Laura explained, speed is key if you wish to be the first and at DDA, we are in the habit of achieving breakthrough technologies.