Rolling with the Punches

“Man is the maker of his own destiny in the sense that he has freedoms of choice as to the manner in which he uses that freedom. But he is no controller of results. The moment he thinks he is, he comes to grief.” -Asian Source Book

The one thing I have learned through my experience as a Project Coordinator is to expect the unexpected. I came across the above quote during one of my college courses and remember thinking how true it was, and as my professional career has advanced, this philosophy has proven an invaluable mantra.

The professional creative and online copywriters, videographers, graphic designers, admin and database programmers, and SEO Specialists strive to consistently deliver exceptional work. Most times, our clients are more than pleased with the results, but occasionally revisions are needed. Now, this never defeats the staff here at DDA. Our top priority is to deliver an end product  that pleases, and we have learned to adapt to the client’s needs and tweak the graphic designs, corporate and medical videos, training programs, and websites until we have achieved a result that the client approves.

Each client is different and we can never anticipate their response to our work. That is why our system of approval works so well. We never forge ahead with a brochure design, optimized copy, or video unless the client approves of the initial wireframe, renderings, and drafts. We welcome client feedback.  If you are not 100 % satisfied with the results, we want to know. The DDA staff will not be overwhelmed with disappointment, but will happily make the adjustments required and continue along.