Setting Solid Foundations

Build any house without a solid foundation and you’ll quickly find your walls crumbling. The same goes for website development, corporate and medical video production, graphic designs, and more.  Without the parameters set and the basics confirmed, progress will be slow, shaky, and inefficient.

We set these solid foundations with a kick-off meeting. Conceptual concepts are secured, deadlines are established, and marketing themes confirmed. From here, DDA graphic designers, web developers, and creative and online copywriters have the necessary information needed to lay the first elements of the project.  

To ensure a smooth and efficient production process with little to no surprises, we seek client approval with every completed step. Without this system in place, countless of hours could be spent on an undesirable direction. Our goal is to deliver a website, brochure, corporate or medical training program, or tradeshow display that exceed our client’s expectation and the system we have in place guarantees this.