Simple but Exciting

Simple and sleek is in. When we hold our customary kick-off meetings to discuss important elements such as site menu structures and design direction, more and more clients refer to the Apple site when we ask the question, “What do you like?”

While to some, such a stark design is a bore, it does present many benefits. For one, web visitors will not be overwhelmed with competing imagery. With few elements on a page, important navigation features stand out and beg to be clicked on. Second, a clean design does not offend. Whether your audience is male, female, comprised of teenagers or adults, you can’t go wrong with muted colors and simplistic lines. Third, a clean design serves as an excellent stage. Product imagery will demand attention when placed against a sleek backdrop. Fourth, clean designs are great for mobile technology. When viewing a website on a small portable device such as an iPhone, the last thing you want  is a convoluted menu structure or muddy design that looks microscopic when conformed to the constraints of a screen. Yes, clean and simple definitely has its perks, but DDA has a way of making such a design our own.

With so many falling into the template trap, sites tend to meld together and lack a visual voice.  Our team of graphic designers infuse subtle design tactics that grab attention and communicate a brand identity without competing with the contents of a site. Additionally, our capabilities in interactive technologies further a site’s appeal with engaging features like video, animation, flash, and more that keep visitors interested and returning for more.

With DDA, be sleek, be simple, but certainly not boring.