Slogan Development

Of all the writing tasks we are assigned at our full-service advertising agency, I struggle with slogan development the most. Today I worked on two print projects for a payment solutions provider and while I did not have to generate slogans, I did have to rack my brain for brief headers that set the theme and motif of the pieces. Not easy. I find it to be a real challenge to come up with statements that are strong and original. It’s easy to slip in a cliche, but   that’s never an advisable solution. Not only has the message been heard before, but you fail to create a statement that is uniquely your own.

Though it’s not easy, the pay-off is worth the time and effort. Without strong statements, readers will get lost in text-heavy copy and zone out instead of honing in to the marketing messages you are trying to communicate. In the world of promotional literature, length does not equate to quality. It’s the theme and structure that will make the difference.

So, if your organization is in the market for professional copywriting services for brochures, scriptwriting, and much more, know you’ll find quality at DDA. We start with the foundation–a solid concept–and then fill in the copy once a powerful theme is set in place. And on top of all this, we offer exceptional design services from a talented team of degreed artists.