Social Media’s Role in Interactive Technolgies

While writing content for DDA’s new division, DDA Interactive, I noticed a common theme that can be seen across all menus for this interactive destination, social media. With the advent of facebook, myspace, Twitter, and other mediums of digital social communication, industries are looking to leverage this platform for the benefit of their organization. And why shouldn’t they? Social networking has dominated the web world for quite some time and has consequently transformed the face of advertising and marketing as well as other technology-based applications.

To penetrate targeted audiences, clients are turning to DDA for application and widget development. These game-based programs are passed through social communities like wild fire. Build an application that is engaging and a pleasure to use,  infuse subtle marketing messages and you’ve just exposed your brand to a massive audience you never imagined possible.

For eLearning portals, social networking can bring trainees together with experienced supervisors to ensure questions are answered and knowledge shared. Such mechanisms include interactive forums, blogs, and webcasts.

Discover the potential of social media today with DDA Interactive.