Speech Writing

My best friend, Megan, is getting married this Friday! Though I am anxiously awaiting the fun-filled ceremony, I am also nervously contemplating the maid-of-honor speech. Though I write for a living, it’s hard to find the right words when you are crafting copy about a person you love. I found this to be especially true when I wrote the most important writing assignment of my life, my mother’s eulogy. Not wanting to bore audiences with a long, drawn-out speech–and especially not wanting to stand in front of a crowd of people longer than I have to–I’m struggling to find an appropriate theme that reflects not only the love between a happy couple, but also the bonds of ever-lasting friendship. I have several concepts brewing in this head of mine, now I just have to bring the thoughts to paper and hope for the best!

Scriptwriting, regardless of the purpose, takes skill. First, you have to consider the audience. Though copy may read well, sounding well is an entirely different matter. Sentences should be brief and powerful, conversational yet memorable, and most of all, easy to visualize. That said, it’s not unusual to find the writers of DDA quietly reciting their works to check for these very criteria. Even after several rounds of versions, tweaks are made during filming to guarantee top-notch deliveries and video productions.