Start Right to End Right

I feel a bit like a broken record, but the importance of planning cannot be stressed enough when it comes to the creation of any project here at our full-service advertising agency. Be it a medical training tool, corporate spokesperson video, or search engine optimized website, establishing a structure for development is a must if we are to achieve fast production speeds. It is DDA’s policy to start every project with a kick-off meeting. Here wants are expressed and needs communicated. From this we begin to lay the foundation of development. If we are creating a website, we start with a site menu structure. If we are animating a medical video, we start with a storyboard. If we are programming a complex database, we start off with a process plan. Though they may seem small in terms of the overall scope of a project, these beginning elements hold extreme importance. Without them, precious time will be spent moving in the wrong direction and additional time spent during redevelopment.

With that said, we move in a linear fashion. The last thing we or our clients want is to start over after we are halfway through a project. That not only wastes our client’s time and resources, but our staff’s as well. So we have in place a series of checks and balances to ensure satisfaction along every stage of production. Every design is signed off on, every script reviewed, every programming functionality tested. We want you to be happy so we can be happy with the work we’ve accomplished. Never overlook that crucial stage of planning as it is the backbone to every project.