Take your time but not too much!

My fiance is meticulous in all that he does. Whether he is carrying out a home improvement project or crafting a perfect metaphor, he takes his time to get things right. This past weekend I learned this obsession with quality extends into his eating habits as well. As we spent the day at the beach, we understandably had a craving for seafood. While I ordered a fresh tuna Caesar salad, he went all out with a lobster and crab combination meal. With his lobster bib in tact, he settled in to the arduous task of de-shelling the creatures. Within a period of a half an hour I finished my meal and waited patiently for Heath to finish. After another half an hour had passed, I became impatient and decided to help him with the shell-cracking. It was at this point I discovered the fact previously mentioned. While I quickly worked to remove the meat from the crab legs and claws, he was fast to point out that I left some remnants of meat deep within the shell. With every (what I considered to be) emptied crab shell and leg, he fished it out of the bowl to inspect it for traces of meat. Needless to say, our dinner excursion took much longer than I anticipated.

At our interactive advertising agency, we must strike the delicate balance between speed and quality. As the majority of our services are charged by the hour, we do our best to stay within quoted time estimates but never do we sacrifice quality. I for one find it easy to over analyze a search engine optimized page of content, brochure piece, or video script, but I have to pull back for the sake of efficiency. This does not mean that I sacrifice quality. Instead, I follow a proven linear process that yeilds fast production speeds. We do not tackle a project as a whole but take baby steps, seek approval, and build layer after layer of work. Not only do the creative copywriters follow this process, but the video technicians, custom programmers, and graphic designers. That said, our clients can benefit from a streamlined production process that continously generates stellar end results.