Tastes Vary

If you asked by brothers, they’d tell you my taste in music is weird. Well, I’m a bit weird, so maybe it’s fitting. When most were wearing New Kids on the Block t-shirts, I was busy collecting a large selection of classical music. When others screamed and hyperventilated at the mention of NSYNC, I plastered Radiohead stickers on my backpack and binder.

Look in my Zune and you’d think I was an individual suffering from multiple personality disorder. Why? Because you’ll find Oldies, Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, and Alternative music all crammed into a single play list. And no, I don’t have multiple personalities, I just like what I like and that happens to encompass a lot of things.

As my taste in music may seem a bit off to some, you can never anticipate a person’s taste regarding graphic design, content development, and video production. That is why a large portion of our job description entails careful listening. We listen to discover our clients’ tastes, preferences, and philosophy. From this, we develop initial concepts to test the waters. Once feedback is received, we adjust accordingly.

At DDA, you have to be flexible and morph your writing, designing and programming style to the project at hand. If you don’t the client will not receive what they desire and we will have not done our jobs. So practice your creative yoga, because we can’t have stiff and out of shape minds on the DDA team.