Technology-based Training for Better Practices

In the past, deciphering the use of a device– whether it be a large piece of industrial equipment or an expensive medical instrument–meant leafing through a hefty manual and hesitantly implementing the learned techniques in a hands-on manner. Many times mistakes were made, compromising not only the integrity of the work performed, but potentially endangering the operator, subject, as well as the machine.  In an ideal world, an operator of a device would have complete confidence in their knowledge of proper device use before ever placing a hand on the equipment. DDA Medical can make this ideal a reality through the implementation of technology-based training platforms and corporate/ medical eLearning programs. With a medical device simulation, trainees can operate a device in a virtual world where they can safely and effectively increase their knowledge, fine tune their skill sets, and become better prepared to carry out tasks in actual working environments.

So what makes DDA Corp and DDA Medical the right fit for your eLearning needs? For one, we host a mind-boggling arsenal of in-house capabilities. From custom medical illustrations and 3D animations to custom programming and web development, our services cover the full digital arena under one roof and with one capable and highly skilled staff. Secondly, we value our work. With a staff that takes pride in all that they do, you can expect continuous quality throughout all stages of development. Don’t risk it. If your staff, clients, or patient base is moving blindly forward without proper training, correct the issue with DDA Corp and DDA Medical and ask us about our capabilities in technology-based training and medical eLearning as well as device and product simulations.