Testing, testing, and re-testing

Nothing is more satisfying than finishing a massive project. I think the feelings of accomplishment and relief are universal to all when a task comes to a close that you have invested much time and effort. But though this feeling of elation may be addicting, rushing to complete a project just for the sake of finishing is a grave mistake. This holds true for all projects here at DDA. Creative online copy must be proofed and re-proofed, custom admin and database programming functionality must be verified, and graphic designs should be thoroughly reviewed. If not, you may experience a few moments of the “I finished a project” feel goods, quickly followed by regret for the oversights.

At DDA we have set in place a system of review to try and eliminate these faux pas. Every page of copy is thoroughly reviewed by fellow writers. After the page is posted to a website or laid out in a stylish design, round two of proofing commences. To some, this may seem like overkill, but our clients expect and deserve the highest caliber of work and this system of retracing our steps to ensure accuracy is a means of guaranteeing quality.

So, with every project completed, comes an equally important task of quality assurance.  Without it, the minor oversights will overshadow the hours of hard work. So test, test, and re-test!