The Calm Before the Storm

It’ hot out there. Insanely hot! So hot, schools are closing. If you sit outside and don’t move the sun feels nice and the temperature is tolerable, but it’s the moving part that will get you. This past weekend my car, Dolores, (yes, i named her) beckoned me to clean her. The first few minutes were fine, but when I entered the car to clean the interior, I immediately began to regret my decision. Dorles’ interior is black and the already scorching temperature rose another 15 degrees inside. But I pressed on and continued to clean. Afterward, I basked in her shinny exterior, but my feelings of accomplishment were quickly squelched when but a few minutes after drying and buffing the paint, a Robin Redbreast left a lovely present on Dorles’ hood. 

This is the way my week has been progressing. Take last night for instance. My de-clawed cat, Nemo, managed to sneak outside and escape into the bushes. Now, since he has no front claws and my little brother is very protective of him, I decided to grab my flashlight and search through the bushes in hopes of finding Nemo. And find him I did, although I would have been better off leaving him outside for the night. Once I grabbed him and held him close he got spooked and dug his back claws into my chest and arms. Not wanting to spend another 20 minutes rummaging through the bushes, I held on and to my horror his frenzied clawing persisted. So, now not only do I have a not-so-clean car, but a plethora of gashes courtesy of Nemo.

Luckily for me, work this week has gone much smoother. Things are actually slow at the moment. Though I oversee multiple website development projects and am writer for a tutorial video and a slew of search engine optimized sites, my projects are stuck in approval limbo. It is DDA’s policy to seek client input before advancing further. This system of checks and balances is an excellent approach as we ensure valuable time is not wasted moving in an undesirable direction. So, I welcome the calm before the storm of productivity. Having time to organize your thoughts and develop a plan of action is a good thing and when the approvals stream in, I’ll be ready, scratches and all.