The DDA Chameleons


My position at DDA is anything but redundant or formulaic. We consider ourselves a full-service advertising agency that caters to the specific needs of every client. Consequently the scopes of projects we handle are vastly varied. We do it all; from corporate and medical videos, training programs, e-commerce websites, to search engine enhanced copywriting, our capabilities are truly enormous.

With that said, work at DDA is a continual learning process. While I may be well versed in advertisement and creative copywriting, I must perpetually expand my knowledge to acclimate myself to my clients’ products and services.  For every project, the target audience and philosophy of the product and company must be considered. A style of writing and voice is tailored specifically to represent a company’s services and products in the most appropriate and effective way possible. The role of a copywriter is therefore dynamic and never static. We are like chameleons, adapting to every situation in order to achieve the ideal result.

As a Project Coordinator I work closely with each department. Everyday I learn something new about the video production process, database and admin programming, as well as graphic design. No, my job here is certainly not boring and I am thankful for this.