The DDA Effort

Throughout my family I am known for my clumsiness. In fact, my older brothers forbid me from touching their expensive electronics after one too many drops. So, it came as no surprise that I reinforced their opinion this Sunday at a family function. We were playing a family game of softball and it was my turn up to bat. I swung and made contact and the ball flew toward first base. Not wanting to be tagged out, I ran furiously (if you can call my slow pace, furious) towards the base. What happened next I am a bit fuzzy on, but I soon found myself head first in the dirt. I fell so quickly I did not even have the time to protect myself with my hands. Instead, I performed a dramatic belly flop and slid into first-base. Hey, at least you can’t say I didn’t try.

Try is something we all do here at our full-service advertising agency. From interactive medical websites to eLearning and custom animations, the professionals at Dynamic Digital Advertising never give up. Even if a request is new to us or seemingly impossible, we’ll make every effort to arrive at a solution. As a project coordinator, it is something I witness every day. The custom programmers are constantly combing their mind power for better, more intuitive user experiences, and our flash video artists are constantly experimenting with exciting new applications of video in web-based applications. If we didn’t try, we would not succeed and at DDA, failure is never an option.

One such challenge we are currently working through is the creation of a site menu structure that can be applied to all pain practitioners. For years, DDA Medical has excelled in custom website development but we recently introduced a packaged solution that offers physicians interactive websites at a fraction of the cost. With interactive magazine flip-books and a flash demonstration of various areas of the human anatomy, the site  is very impressive but the difficulty comes with securing a structure that works for all pain practitioners. I am confident that we will soon arrive at a viable solution as this is what we do and production and progress can quickly and efficiently move forward.