The DDA Problem Solvers

My fiance has wanted to purchase an office plant for me for quite some time. He even bought a fern adorned with x-mas ornaments before the holidays but I refused to bring it in as I was afraid it would not last without a source of natural light. So for Valentine’s Day this year I received an office plant accompanied by a grow-lamp. Thanks to Heath’s problem-solving skills, I can now enjoy a bit of spring indoors.

Thinking outside of the box is something the experts here at our full-service advertising agency  do quite often. We continuously strive to achieve innovative technologies in everything that we do. The medical and corporate websites we produce feature integrated flash video that  interacts with user input. The healthcare IT and medical training programs we custom program are cutting edge and scalable, and the videos we produce are of exceptional quality. We set a goal and work diligently to achieve it, eradicating unforeseen problems along the way. What will we tackle this week? Hopefully the completion of three medical websites currently under development. One is a patient tool for the managment of a disease, the other a grants application website, and the third a website introducing a new product. All  serve completely different purposes but all posess that DDA characterisitc of innovation and ease of use.