The DDA Way

Yesterday we did something we rarely do and that was send a client a proof of a work in progress with known shortcomings. Normally, we devote extensive rounds of proofing, revisions, re-proofing, and refinement, but in this project’s case, time is simply not on our side. For a site of this scale and complexity, we typically estimate a development period of 6 weeks, but with a critical buyer’s meeting and PR mechanisms set in place, we had to cut development in half. That said, our programmers, flash specialists, and designers are working feverishly to meet the deadline which is looming at the end of this week. Am I worried? Not really. I have faith in the capabilities of our staff.

Working as quickly as possible while maintaining an uncompromising standard of quality is our motto. Yes, we sent a less than perfect proof site to our client for review, but that was only for the sake of efficiency. With our client’s feedback combined with the findings uncovered by our degreed staff, we can be sure that when it comes time to launch this site at the close of this week it will,  for the most part, live up to expectations. As always, we’ll be waiting and ready to respond to any unforeseen issue.  It’s the DDA way.