The End of Year Rush

It’s approaching that time of year when we all look inward to identify those bothersome qualities that we’d like to eradicate from ourselves. Whether it be to complain less or eat less, most of us make a resolution of some sort before the new year. Out with the old and in with the new and improved you! It seems this urge to transition applies not only to the personal but the business worlds as well. Projects that were stalling suddenly have  picked up speed and the team of graphic designers, videographers, creative copywriters, and custom programmers are pushing to fulfill that need.

Like our clients, we too would like to wrap up lingering projects. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the hard work put into a project translated into a newly launched website, custom designed brochure, or corporate or medical video presentation. It’s like watching a loved one open that special present on Christmas Day. You’re anxious, hoping that they’ll enjoy it but know deep down  that they’ll love it because the thought came from the heart. Every DDA project is constructed with a passion for exceeding customer expectation and a commitment to surpass our own standards of quality. With that said, we’re pretty certain our clients will enjoy their holiday present this year of a completed website, trade show display, or medical tutorial.