The Era of Mobile

Last week I watched an episode of the Marriage Ref, a show where celebrities weigh in on husband/wife debates. This particular episode showcased a blackberry-obsessed wife who could be found texting, talking, or browsing the web at all hours of the day. Like this technologically-savvy individual, society’s affinity for mobile devices is undeniably on the rise. I myself am finding that I am more and more reliant on mobile technology, especially as features and capabilities improve and there is no better testament to this affirmation than statistics. Apple reportedly earned $13.5 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2010, a strong indication of things to come. And with the release of the game-changing iPad, how and where individuals access and view the web is shifting. As a result, business owners must change their marketing outlook to accommodate to this shift in device preferences.

AppleSavvy, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, is here to make this transition as smooth and cost effective as possible. With a long list of mobile capabilities that include mobile website development, flash conversion, and apps programming, we are a full-service provider promising high end results.

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