The Feel Good Finish

The last remnants of winter are finally dissipating and in its wake, spring is slowly but surely emerging. The trees are budding, the weather is warming, and the birds have returned from their southern winter hideaways. And like the welcomed exist of winter, many of my projects are coming to a close. This week alone I expect to launch, or come close to launching, three websites I currently oversee.  This final step is not only exciting for our clients, but also for the DDA team as well. Many times, every department is involved during the development of a custom website. The creative online copywriting team produces search engine optimized copy, the design team creates a pleasing aesthetic that not only appeals to the user, but effectively illustrates a purpose through design, the video production team integrates videos, and the programming team puts forth functionality.  When so much effort is invested, nothing is more pleasing than seeing the final website live and accessible to the public.

Personally, as an online copywriter, I feel a rush of excitement and self-worth when I type a keyword into Google and see the client’s site appear on the first page.  The many hours poured into generating copy that not only is clear and market focused, but is search engine friendly can be difficult, and when your hard work is proven effective, nothing is more rewarding.